Grant is the main protagonist of the series. His job at the news site is to answer the "Breaking News" phone whenever someone calls.

He loves Antony like a brother, though they are two different species. Grant doesn't like making mistakes, but as he always says, "No one's perfect, not
even me!". He is very professional and takes his job seriously. And to reflect just how seriously he takes it, he wears a tie. Grant is the boss and likes things to run smoothly, though “smoothly” for him covers a lot of territory. He will do whatever it takes to keep anyone, including himself, from realizing that they are all only a small step from complete chaos. Grant’s biggest on-going challenge is Antony.


Grant is mostly red. He wears a blue tie and has two large blue eyes. Grant has two long antennae and two arms.


Grant has appeared in every episode of What's Your News?.

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