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What's Your News? is a television news show for and about 4-7 year old children, to help their transition from their home and family environment into the wider world. Imagine Newsnight, with its studio, and anchormen, but in this instance the newsroom is staffed by ants. Instead of Westminster politics and world events, the news covered is kids' news, direct from their homes. The children's stories might be anything; the arrival of a new pet dog, the ability to play a new tune on a piano, the loss of a slipper sock, having a new hairstyle, etc. The stories are homely, down-to-earth, relevant to the audience, and pretty much universal. The show's anchormen are an ant, called Grant, and Antony, an anteater who thinks he's an ant. Grant tries to keep it all together, and Antony ... well, Antony's Antony. Sometimes he's helpful, and sometimes he's not. But he's always funny, and he always loves to hear children's news! Grant and Antony have a large TV screen and a small desk with a telephone that rings when someone calls in with news. Most shows start with headlines. Grant reads them out as we see the photographs of the children who have supplied this news. At the end of each episode, we also have viewer's news - news stories sent into the studio by real kids. The main news story in each episode is reported by Gi Ant, What's Your News? roving correspond-ant. He drives from location to location, in his purpose-built truck, interviewing children about their stories. We also have a traffic report from Avi Ant, relayed from the comfort of her colourful helicopter, as well as a weather report from Flickaboo, What's Your News? weather-bird. In each episode, Grant and Antony call on the services of a panel of four child experts who supply insights into the main story of the day. One of the experts is usually a baby. Fortunately, Gooblee, What's Your News? baby ant reporter, understands baby language, so she tells us what the babies say.


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